Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have posters now!

Accepting orders for posters of the book cover, Mesteno, "Horse With No Name", Coyote Lakes, or any of the other paintings as they are completed!

These will make wonderful Christmas gifts!

Posters are 12x18 on heavy poster paper, and good enough for framing or just hanging without a frame!

They are only $10, plus $3.50 to cover shipping and handling!

If you would like to order a quantity for your group or club to resell, contact me and I will give you a great discount.

And as an extra incentive ...

Pre-order the book and get a poster for just $5!

And if you want to purchase the book as a gift for someone, since it won't be out before Christmas, the poster makes for a great gift to put under the tree and I will include a certificate indicating a book will be sent hot off the press!

You just can't go wrong!

You can use PayPal or send me a check or money order ... it's that simple!

I will be updating my web site, tonight if the storm doesn't knock our power out, with handy PayPal links as well.

Order now before the Christmas rush!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Cards!

Order yours NOW!

The Coyote Lakes cards are now ready for ordering and the Big Summit/Ochoco cards will be ready to order in the next day or two!

All the cards come with envelopes and protective sleeves, are blank inside with a blurb on the back about the art and the book.

Cards are $1.25 each or 25 for $25! We're taking orders now and will ship them out in plenty of time to mail for Christmas!

Prints are also available now. The prints of Mesteno, A Horse With No Name, Coyote Lakes, Big Summit are all 11x14 on pearl paper and sell for $25 each. The cover art is 15x15 and we will be doing posters of the book cover as well, for $10 each!

We are still figuring out the shipping charges but it will be minimal ... check back in a day or two!

Here is the book cover, ready for posters and ready for the book!

And in case you forgot what the other prints look like, here they are!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cards for sale!

While we're waiting on the first printing of the Christmas cards from the paintings for the book, I thought I would offer some pen and ink cards Michelle drew back in 2003 of the wild herds. There are a limited number of these and when they are sold out, they won't likely be printed again!

There are 8 designs total:

South Steens herd, sage colored cards

Warm Springs herd, pale blue cards

Palomino Butte herd, light pumpkin colored cards

Burro jenny and foal, sage colored cards

Kiger herd, tan cards

Kiger trotting stallion, tan cards

Kiger stallion head, tan cards

Kiger mare and foal, tan cards

There are 6 of each of these cards available for $1 each or all 6 for $5, plus shipping. I also have 4 sets of mixed Kiger cards, 4 per set. I'll sell all 4 sets, 16 cards total, for $12 plus shipping. All the cards come in protective sleeves and have envelopes.

On the back of each of the cards, except the burros, is a short description on the herd they represent, with a small map of Oregon showing the HMA's. Michelle's name, address and phone number are also on the cards.

Here is what is printed on the back of each card:

America's Living Legends
Kiger Mustangs of Oregon

Symbols of our western heritage, wild horses are still found in most of the western United States. Each herd has its own unique characteristics of size, color and conformation. Nowhere is that more true than in the Kiger herd management area. These horses exhibit Spanish mustang characteristics, and are thought to be one of the most pure herds in the wild today. These wild horses have been managed by the Bureau of Land Management since 1971. All herds are gathered periodically to remove excess numbers. These are made available for adoption. For more information about adopting a wild horse, call the BLM 541-573-4400 or check the web page www.or.blm.gov/Burns.


America's Living Legends
Palomino Buttes Wild Horse Herd

The Palomino Buttes Wild Horse Herd Management Area is located in Harney County Oregon. It can be reached by traveling on Highway 20 approximately 16 miles east of Burns and turning south on the OO Road. The major landmark in the area is Palomino Buttes from which this herd received its name. The Herd Management Area contains approximately 71,668 acres. The Appropriate Management Level for the Palomino Buttes Wild Horse Herd is 32 to 64 head of horses. The Palomino Buttes Wild Horses are known for their palomino and red dun colors. For the most part, these animals are thought the be more on the gentle side than horses from some of Oregon's other wild horse herds. Because of their gentle nature, travelers going down Highway 20 often mistake them for domestic horses. Palomino Buttes horses are of saddle horse conformation.

Two large colorful stallions who have left their mark on the Palomino Buttes Herd are Red Dunny and Imposter. Both stallions were red dun in color, had stockings on three of their legs and had blaze faces. The Imposter received his name because it was impossible to determine who he was from a distance because he possessed the same color and white markings as Red Dunny.


America's Living Legends
Warm Springs Wild Horse Herd

The Warm Springs Wild Horse Herd Management Area is located in Harney County Oregon between State Highways 205 and 395 and lies about 15 miles south of State Highway 20. The Herd Management Area contains approximately 508,391 acres. The appropriate management level is 111 to 202 head of horses. The Warm Springs Wild Horse Herd is known for its colorful Appaloosa coat patterns that are seen on many of the horses. Some of the Appaloosas found in this herd are referred to as "old time Appys" as they have very little mane and tail hair. These horses are of saddle horse type. The most noteworthy stallion that has left his mark on the Appaloosas of Warm Springs HMA is Dollar. Dollar is so named because he is said to have a million "dollars" worth of color being black and having a white blanket with black peacock spots.


America's Living Legends
South Steens Wild Horse Herd

The South Steens Wild Horse Herd Management Area is located in Harney County Oregon, westside of the Steens Mountain in the area of Donner and Blitzen River. The HMA contains approximately 154,000 acres. The appropriate management level is 159 to 304 head of horses. The Steens Mountain Wild Horses are mostly noted for their vivid colors, pintos both overo and tobiano color patterns. Of course, other common colors seen are sorrel, bay, black, brown and grey. Most of the horses are of saddle stock conformation. The bands of these horses seen in their wild state are truly breathtaking.


So there you have it!

All total, there are 64 cards and envelopes. Nice sized, blank inside, great for any occasion! They are standard "A6" size, 4-1/2 x 6-1/4 in size. These would make great Christmas gifts for anyone and especially horse lovers!

To order, go to PayPal and order thru my email of andi@wisecomp.com and let me know which ones you want and how many. Shipping will be minimal; add $1.50 per pack of 6 cards and we should be fine. You can mix and match any quantity you want, that we have in stock.

Soon, we will have the current, full color, Christmas cards and prints available from the new artwork for the book!