Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I thought I would share something I should have posted last night!

Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all over the land
Was the hustle and bustle for the gifts most in demand.

Out at the ranches and down on the range,
All was quiet, nothing was odd, or even a little strange.

Tonight is a night for them like any other
Finish the chores then go in and help mother.

The stock was all fed and bedded down for the night,
It was really a quite peaceful and very serene sight.

Up in the mountains with fresh snow on the ground,
Wild hoof prints could be seen, not making a sound.

Then came a snort, a stomp and a neigh;
Something had startled the quietly grazing bay!

Sensing something not right, the stallion took a stand
Upon a high cliff where he watched over his band.

Sometime after sunset, but before the moon was high
Came a strange apparition right out of the sky!

The wild pounding of hooves could be heard all around
As the horses came racing in great leaps and big bounds!

The young in the center, they circled and pranced,
Worried and nervous, the wild ponies danced.

What was this thing, landing here in the night
Causing a stir and not just a little bit of fright?

The snow whirled and swirled and then seemed to settle
Then came a whistle like the noise from a kettle!

The horses spread out, noses close to the ground
Hoping to discover the source of this sound!

Sensing no peril, and seeing no danger
They all came forth to meet with this stranger!

It was quite a sight, indeed a true puzzle
One by one, they reached out to touch with their muzzle.

When right before them stood a tiny little man,
Glowing and smiling, as only Santa truly can.

“Don’t fear, wild ones, I mean you no harm,”
He said in a voice meant to disarm.

Ears flickered, eyes softened, throaty neighing was heard
As one by one, they came and trusted his word.

His team was a curious sight for them all
For none had ever seen a deer quite this small!

“I have a problem and I’m hoping to find help,”
Said this kind and quite saintly jolly old elf.

“You see, my reindeer have taken quite a fall,
And I need some help from you each, one and all.”

One by one, as if on some invisible command,
The wild ones lined up, ready to meet the demand!

Santa laughed and cheered and wept with joy
For these wild ponies were going to help the old boy!

Quick as can be, he got the lines all set
Hopped on his sleigh and yelled “Now let’s GIT!”

With a sprinkle of magic and a little bit of show
The wild ponies rose to the sky, all set to GO!

All thru the night, the Christmas ponies did fly
Prancing and parading as big reindeer on the sly!

Christmas cheer was delivered to all on that night
Thanks to the wild horses given the gift of flight.

When the night was all spent and toys were all gone
Santa returned the tired ponies by the crack of dawn.

Soft pats, tasty treats and a great big “Thank You!”
Was seen and received by this special crew.

But now you too, know the story of Santa and his sleigh
Delivered Christmas gifts with just a whinny and a neigh!

~Andi Harmon

Friday, December 4, 2009

Prints and Cards for sale!

Hey everyone!

We have prints for sale! Woo Hoo!

I have a bunch of prints of the book cover, that look simply awesome, signed by both Michelle and myself, 11x14 on heavy stock, suitable for framing, for only $10 + shipping!

I also have 1 print of Coyote Lakes and 1 print of Mesteno, both 11x14 on heavy stock, same as above, also only $10 + shipping!

The cards are at the printers now and should be here the first of the week. $25 cards with envelopes for just $25 + shipping! You can't even begin to touch a Hallmark card for that! These are nice, quality cards, with Coyote Lakes, Big Summit, Mesteno or the book cover on the front, blank inside. Great for Christmas or gifts or just everyday stuff!

We now have a price list of all the higher quality prints available ... check it out!

Pearl prints, very high quality paper, won't fade or crack, available for any of the artwork:

11x14: $30
15x15: $40 (cover art only)
22x28: 100
30x30: $145 (cover art only)

Giclee Canvas prints:

8x10: $20
11x14: $30
16x20: $60
18x24: $75
22x28: $95
24x36: $150

The prices are without stretcher bars on the canvas prints; add another $10 for stretcher bars.

We also have frames available, in all types and shapes and sizes, starting at $35 and up.

All of the prints are also available on the lesser quality paper (heavy poster stock) for just $10, like Mesteno, Coyote Lakes and the book cover.

Prices do not include shipping.

Order now for great gifts for the horse lovers on your list!