Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giclee Prints

And others ...

Some of you may not have heard of "giclee" (pronounced gee-clay) prints before; I never had until this year. I have one hanging in my living room now, of Mesteno, that Michelle painted. The print looks so much like the original that unless you have the original next to it, you have no idea it's not an original.

The giclee prints we will have available of the artwork from the book will be printed on canvas and put on stretcher bars, just like the original oil painting. We will have them offered for sale either framed or unframed.

We are going to offer a limited number of giclee prints of the various pieces of work, on a pre-order basis. Once we reach the finite number of prints (to be determined shortly), no more giclee prints of that piece will be available. They will be numbered and re-signed by the author.

Explain "Giclee"

I searched on line and found some explanations of what exactly a giclee print is, why it is different, and why it is more sought after, and more expensive, than traditional prints on poster board, water color paper, etc.

The Term : The term "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.
Another, slightly less technical description:

In giclee printing, no screen or other mechanical devices are used and therefore there is no visible dot screen pattern. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. Giclee (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. However, it is not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer, and is much larger. Giclee prints are a little over a metre wide and are often affectionately referred to as a “knitting machine” as they look very similar.
The quality of a giclee is astounding. The colors, the texture and appearance are so similar to the original and well worth the extra investment!

Once you place an order for a print, either giclee or on poster board or other media, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to get the print to you. The printer will ship it to Michelle, she will sign it and ship it off to you. If you want it framed, add another week or so to the delivery date. Michelle has a source of some wonderful barn wood frames that are very fitting and suitable for this art!

Prints will be available in a couple different sizes as well. The original size, which in most cases will be 18x24 (I think!), or smaller sizes, like 11x14 or 8x10. The cover art is a different size that the other, standard sized paintings; it's 30x30 in it's original format and will be available in 15x15. We will also be making some posters suitable for framing of the cover art, which will look identical to the book cover, with the title and author/artist names. Those will also be available in custom sizes, on quality paper.

The Christmas cards we will be taking orders on this week. We would like to get a large, pre-purchased order in advance to help cut down the costs. Each card comes with an envelope, will be full color, blank on the inside and will have information on the back describing the scene on the front. They are perfect for any horse lover to send out their Holiday Greetings on and they will be much cheaper than Hallmark cards!

Check back soon ... this will be updated again shortly with prices and information on how to order your prints and cards! A giclee print for that horse lover on your list would be the perfect gift!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A work in progress

Ah, Michelle sent me a photo of the Coyote Lakes painting she is doing.

It's about 75% done. She had to get all the background pieces and colors and shadows in first, then will add the snow. It is snowing on the painting now as I type!

So I thought I would show you what it looks like ... so far ...

Isn't that cool? The chestnut gelding in the middle with the star and the snip is Dusty, the gelding we adopted from that gather (and who is in the original photo) and the black mare and foal out front is Ranger and his dam. Ranger was adopted by my friend Karen and their story is in the book.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see the finished product! The painting, and the scans for the Christmas cards, should be done in about a week and the Christmas cards will be ready in about 2 weeks! YAY!

And no, I still don't know yet what the cards will sell for but it will be reasonable and there will be a break for quantity buying! So check back here and on the web site and on Facebook for updates!
Oh yeah ... I'm Facebooking now ... and twittering ... and I think all the Facebooking and twittering and blogging are connected ...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas Cards Coming!

Soon, Michelle will be done with the first of our Christmas cards!

There won't be any cutesy Santa kids or reindeer horses, sorry.

What there WILL be is a print of a beautiful original oil painting by Michelle of a herd of wild horses from Coyote Lakes HMA coming in on a gather, thru the snow covered sage brush. The cards will be blank inside so you can put your own greeting on it. You will be able to order them direct, thru me, and pretty soon, they will be up on a Cafe Press site to order as well. From Cafe Press, you will also be able to order the print of your choice onto the medium of your choice -- t-shirt, coffee cups, mouse pads, hats or whatever you want! As I get the quality scans sent to me, I will upload them to the Cafe Press site and let you all know when they are available!

Here is the photo that was the inspiration for the first card:

The print won't look exactly like the above photo but several of the horses in that photo, as well as ones from other photos, will be in the painting. A gelding we adopted from this gather is shown above, in the middle of the herd with the star and the snip on his nose, next to the red dun. Pretty cool! There will also be a black mare with a black foal at her side in the painting that is representative of my friend Karen's gelding Ranger, who also came in on that gather as a baby.

More on how to order cards, or whatever you want, as soon as it's available!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm getting excited ... we're getting down to the wire on the book!

I've taken a few orders -- thank you! Now we are looking for sponsors or advertisers to go in the book and help fund this project! It's shaping up nicely and Michelle is working on a couple of different pieces of art right now. I believe she is working next on Ligget Table and Coyote Lakes horses, both of which will be awesome! Of course, all her work is awesome. Look for the art as it takes shape on these pages.

Don't forget to go to my book site too:

I've added an order form for those who don't wish to use PayPal.

Soon, I will have some more cool stuff for you to order, using the artwork for the book:

  • Christmas Cards
  • Blank Note Cards
  • Calendars
  • T-Shirts
  • Signed Prints
  • Mouse Pads
  • And More!
Michelle is working on some "snow" themed prints that will be nice for Christmas cards and there will be at least 12 full color paintings that will be perfect for calendars!

If you are a trainer and would like to hang your shingle in the book, contact me for some special rates! If you know anyone who would like to advertise in the book, the deadline is December 1st 2009.

Coming soon to the web site:

More artwork
Order forms for art, cards and more!
Advertising price list
More excerpts from the book

Check back often ... things are moving FAST now!