Monday, September 28, 2009

Art Tour Photos!

Ah yes, finally! Photos from the art tour!

When we set up Michelle's artwork, we thought it would be nice to include the photos that were the "inspiration" for the art.

Mostly, because people make comments like "did that horse really look like that?", especially the wild horses.

What we found out is that people really enjoyed seeing the whole creative process! I think it looked pretty cool too!

First is the cover art ... and all the photos she used to create the cover art:

Next is Mesteno, and the photos she used for it:

And lastly, Corine, the "freeze brand" one:

Cool, huh?

I think showing how Michelle got the inspiration for the drawings and paintings adds so much to the display as a whole.

And it stops the questions of "did that horse really look that good?" that seems to come up here and there!

What do you think?

Monday, September 21, 2009

September Update!

Michelle was invited to be in Hamley's store during the Pendleton Roundup this year. For those that don't know Hamley's, suffice to say it is "the" place you want to be if you are an artist of any type, and during the Roundup is the time to be there!

She took her "working ranch women" series along with her work for the book. The response to the wild horse art was incredible! She talked to so many people she was hoarse before it was over. The people coming around ranged from those who have (or had) wild horses, or know people with wild horses, or their parents/grandparents had wild horses to people who had no idea you could actually SEE wild horses in the wild still!

She helped promote not only the book, but the BLM program here, and wild horses in general. She encouraged people to come to Burns to see the horses at the corrals, and to go see them in the wild as well. She handed out flyers talking about the book, with a couple of pieces of artwork on the flyers and the web site address for the book.

It's all coming together ... and quickly! We've pre-sold a couple of books and the interest in the finished product is intense. By the time the next big adoption in Burns comes around (probably after the South Steens and Beaty's Butte herds are gathered) we will have several pieces of art work to show and probably a draft of the book on display as well.

I'm excited!

And I'll have some photos of the display we had set up during the art tour in the next couple of days. Michelle will be emailing me the photos she took (mine were from my cell and not that great) and I will get them posted.

Look for more frequent updates as things progress!